Friday, 11 January 2013


I have had literally no inspiration for this weeks blog post. Until I realised how hard and stressful exams in the last year of school are. So sorry for no photos today, I feel like I'm totally boring everyone of you that read this blog.

These are the times in life where you don't think anything matters, that your going to go far even if you have no grades because your okay, cool. But really these are like the times in life that depend what path you take in life, the grades showing whether your a complete genius or a tragic failure. People just seem to assume that exams are easy, then there stumped when they open to the first page of the paper and discover its not like the bus ride you take to school.

As I am in the highest class in the school, every exam paper for the people in our class is of a higher standard and the teachers expect much more from the clever groups. Being put in for a higher paper means much more revision, but I find you can exactly revise for the language you speak, and you can really revise for maths as it is just numbers, and there is not much you can do about it.

I find exercise as a way out, something that relaxes you and makes the mounting pressure climb back down that mountain. If your also wanting to lose a bit of fat, or just tone up, it relieves them burning eyes in the back of your head. I used to get comments from teachers saying 'calm down' as I always look stressed when  taking an exam back in the beginnings of Year 10, end of Year 9, but now, exams don't bother me, it is the fear of failing, as it is the last few months of school and I desperately want to get that B grade in Science.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

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