Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Slippery, sliding penguins.

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Blue light in the dark.

This is a photo I edited using instagram, and it's also on my instagram and twitter via instagram. It's from that Beamish trip in my previous post:) Happeh days

Monday, 21 May 2012

At the heart of the image.

Loving the English vocabulary.

I have a new obsession.
Josh Hutcherson.
So beautiful.

I'm amazed: The Hunger Games Review

I've just finished watching The Hunger Games. Omg. Epic.

This is one of the most interesting and beautiful films I've ever watched and heres the review to go with it.

Basically, Katniss enters the Hunger Games as substitute for her sister, Prim. Then she discovers on the train to the Capitol that she is partnered with Peeta Mellark, the boy who gave her bread when she was dying after a day of hunting, literally. There against 22 other tributes to try and win these games, but only one can win. Theres a twist and Katniss finds out that if you and the other tribute from your District are both alive at the end, you both win, but Peeta is half dead. She finds Peeta and there is a revealing ending which I won't tell you about 'cause then I'll spoil it.

I'll tell you what I think though.

The love story is very catching and at the end is heartbreaking. I loved how they put the storyline together and the roots of where the Hunger Games came from is very believable. The build-up to the games doesn't seem long, because it's so real, you don't realise, that infact in a second, Katniss is plonked right on her little perch, next to the other 23 tributes, waiting to be released. Her little ally, Rue, is literally so cute, it is so upsetting when she dies so gracefully but brutally.

The characters are amazing. For a start Josh Hutcherson is quite beautiful, and he captures the worlds hearts when he reveals he loves Katniss. The way Katniss is portrayed is good, how they show her as the strong one, being substitute tribute for her sister, Prim and battling only to win.

I would say the best part of the film is the ending, with the berries, although I won't say what happens, 'cause that would be spoiling, but I was 'cooing' at the screen, cause it is so cute when they argue but then make up. So so sad.

Peeta Mellark-Josh Hutcherson = Hot enough to die for, omg. I love this film for itself and for Josh Hutcherson

Enjoy for now lovelys x

Round One to me, I think.

So I'm sat in bed last night, hopelesslly trying to get to sleep. Didn't work. Then I remembered that I was gonna watch something. Oh, it was epic.

The Hunger Games.

And today, after falling asleep watching it through tirdeness, not through the film last night, I've decided to finish watching it, well the last hour and a bit anyways, without falling asleep, hopefully^_^

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Biscuit dipping in tea.

Nice shoes, Bill.

Is this taken from the top?
Or am I looking up from the bottom?

Flying to the moon with balloons.

 Those bricks cemented in the floor; normally called cobbles, like Coronation Street.
 Nice tram lines there.
 Just 'cause its my bank.
 Dull days.
 Firey smell.
 The windows were silghtly high; got a mental asylum feel to it.
 It was raining.
 The man told us off for flicking the light switch on and off.
Wish the fire was on.
'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, we love you'. (note the reflection)

Just a few of the many photos that were took when we visited Beamish probably a month or so back. It was raining and cold and bleak, but we did have a good day all in all. The bus journeys are always the best on trips and this one just proved that point exactly right. An outdoor museum on a rainy day; lovely photo opportunity.

Wow, a fast rollercoaster.

These are really not linked, apart from the fact they both have sky on.

The first is simply beautiful. It was half past eight in the morning when I set off for school, literally on my doorstep, the sun appears and makes the clouds look pretty, so I took a photograph and that, above, is the result.

The second I took just today, which isn't too nice. I was simply bored and didn't think it looked nice, but I like taking pictures of anything. Honestly, my phone is full of pictures of food, catalogues, furniture, windows and paving. Strange. I know.

Erm, hello fellow animals.

Firstly, I don't rawr, I'm not an animal, especially not a lion, cause i dont like lions-_-

Im not new to this blogging crap, I've done it before but I cant get into my old youtube account which was linked to my google account, therefore linked to my blogspot and actually, to discover it was gone was pretty okay, cause I just made a fool of myself to be perfectly honest.

My name is Charley as you guessed, and I still haven't got round to making any videos, simply because I'm saving for a decent video camera or something of the sort. My channel name is similar but different and theres no point linking you to it 'cause I havent made any videos, but I do have twitter, where I tweet a load of crap, but oh well, I'll link you to it when I get round to linking you to my tumblr, which is another blogging contraption I hardly use.

It will take me a lot of getting used to, to start blogging pictures, links and stuff again but its an action I will force myself into using, who knows, maybe I might like it.

I think thats enough of an introduction to you guys, so chow for now, and I will post when I get this thing up and running:'3