Sunday, 25 November 2012

A Bloggers Week in Pictures #2

Well as you all know, I have no editing software and right now, I'm layed in bed typing this on my phone.

This week I could be bothered and I haven't disappeared and left you all again, so I have a collection of pictures for the week I've had, hope you enjoy:)

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Misty daze: OOTD

So it's really cold this morning and I'm at my dads which meant at some point I've been outside in the minus temperature.

Here's my outfit for the day, hope you guys like:)

Basically my whole outfit is from Primark, apart from my underwear and my Vans which are from Schuh.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Battle of the Nail Varnish Brands #3: No. 7's Stay Perfect

Sorry about the few days break from my blog but I've been busy with school and family, you know things like that. This is only the second time I've actually been on my laptop and I didn't really think about updating my blog (which I admit, I should of) and that sucks.

Sooo, without hesitation, I announce to you the third contender of the war of the polishes... No. 7 Stay Perfect in the shade Blackberry(only remembered this as my sister broke hers during the week). The colour I've had applied to my nails has been this over the past week. It's a slightly shimmery but elegant deep purple and can be used over the top of other polishes glamming a black up. This is my honest review as i have never tried a No. 7 product in my life.
Applicator? Well, it's small, fat and stubby. I'm not really keen as it clogs the nail varnish on the brush, making it un-smooth.
Application? Well that's not really great either. If the applicator is crappy, then it is quite obvious that the application is going to similar or the same. The polish itself it pretty thick and applies really thick, even if you wipe the excess off, it drips before you can get it onto the nails.
Chip Resistant? Certainly. I am in love with how long the varnish still looks fresh on your nails for. No chipping, no oldness and no scratching. I had it on for 10 days and it still looked fresh, but I had no choice but to remove the colour as it went onto my nails all clumpy.

Removal? It wasn't awful, but it wasn't great, just pretty average really. The only problem is because the polish is really clumpy, you have to apply more nail polish remover onto the cotton pad to get it off. Another point, because it's really dark and pigmented, you use plenty of cotton pads and I went through 7 just to get it off with no staining or leftovers.
Overall- This is a really nice polish. The only problem is the applicator means the polish is applied really thick and clumpy. I'm not sure about the colour being wintery, although I suppose it is being a deep, warm purple, getting everyone in the Christmas spirit. I would personally wear this with a light outfit, that included pastel colours, just to give your nails that boldness.

What winter polishes do you own? Are you excited for Christmas? x

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Battle of the Nail Varnish Brands #2: Avon's Nailwear Pro+

Well, its that time again. More of the nail varnish wars! This time I'm giving you the points on Avon's Nailwear Pro+, the shade being Cosmic Blue, which sounds like some outer-spacey type colour polish. It sounds adventurous, but it's just a fancy name for metallic deep blue, which sounds, I must admit, boring. So here we are at day 2 of battles.

Avon Nailwear Pro+ in Cosmic Blue
I like these square bottles, seems like the square represents more quality in the varnish. The photo doesn't do the colour any justice but it is a metallic shade and obviously from Avon, as you can see.
Applicator? Well, this ones just normal, your average sized applicator. The only problem is the fact that the varnish is so liquified, that it comes straight of the applicator, so wiping at the nozzle of the bottle is a must.

Application? Personally, this ones not the best with me. You need 3/4 coats on your nails just for it to look un-see through and very glossy. I'm not to keen on glossy finishes on the nails and this is exactly that, a glossy finish. Its very leaky and even the slightest amount too much on the applicator and it drips into the side of your nails, the place where it's impossible to get the varnish off.
Chip resistant? That is one very good point about this. I had it on for 3 days, not even one small chip from the nails, it still looked fresh and glossy.
Removal? Quite impossible as I applied 4 coats for the polish to look opaque, and with the colour being dark, it's more pigmented and hard to get off anyways. It took a lot of nail polish remover and a lot of cotton pads. 1= easy, 4 coats=impossible.
I'm not too sure what my final impression is on this varnish. I really like the colour and how subtle the metallic is in the shade. I don't really know, I suppose this varnish is to dress up an outfit, it's seems a bit like an accessory, like wearing bracelets or necklaces, which really changes an outfit. Suppose you have your LBD, wearing this metallic shade will change the look, and might ultimately decide what accessories you actually wear. This shade could make you look cheap and unclassy, or can decide your outfit, make you look more formal and elegant. I'm in two minds, I'm not too sure of the finish and how the polish looks, although I really do like the colour.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Battle of the Nail Varnish Brands: 17's Lasting Fix

The next five days, including this one, I have tested 4 of what I think the main brands are in Nail Varnish/Polish currently. I have used them, looking for the quality of the applicator, the application, the varnishes chip resistance and the removal of the polish and my overall comment. One each day until I'm done. Apologies for the state of my nails but I shall commence! The title gives it away as today I'm giving you my opinion on the brand of 17's Nail Polish.

17's Lasting Fix in Mint Choc Chip
When I started my collection of nail varnishes, which wasn't too long ago, 6 months maybe, this is the first one I bought, along with another one of their Lasting Fix range, which was again Lasting Fix but in Orange Soda.
Applicator? It's perfect for the size of bottle it comes in. Its normal sized but the nail polish tends to drip off an awful lot.
Application? The applicator is really smooth and so there is no problem in applying it to your nails, but with the applicator being small, it takes 4 strokes before covering your nail, so it takes a while if you want an opaque look on your nails.
Chip Resistant? No way! Within 24 hours of applying this product to my nails, its started to look old and started chipping. I recovered the chips in my nails, giving the varnish another go, and within 2 days I had large chips out of the polish, which people actually noticed. I recommend this for a one time wear, like when you are going out for a meal, or a night out when you aren't bothered about your nails the morning after.
Removal? Pretty easy. Glides off as you applied it, one wipe with a cotton pad with a dab of nail polish remover on and your nails are clean. Getting it of your skin if you make a mistake is pretty simple too, dab of  polish remover and its off, just like that.
Overall: This polish is sold in a range of more formal colours, more like nail colours for nights out, meals out and formal occasions and meetings because they chip so easily. I love this polish and I was impressed considering the price I paid for it. I like the colours and the bottle design is really simple and attracts you as it's not very tacky and chavy looking, attracting a wide range of people including me. Like I said the only downfall is how easily the polish chips. You can buy the polish and many other products from 17 in Boots. Just now, posting this, I have literally discovered the two polishes I bought are part of the Candy Collection in Boots, £2.99 each.
What 17 products have you bought? Are you disappointed or impressed? Tell me what you think!
Hope you found this helpful lovelys x