Sunday, 4 November 2012

Battle of the Nail Varnish Brands #2: Avon's Nailwear Pro+

Well, its that time again. More of the nail varnish wars! This time I'm giving you the points on Avon's Nailwear Pro+, the shade being Cosmic Blue, which sounds like some outer-spacey type colour polish. It sounds adventurous, but it's just a fancy name for metallic deep blue, which sounds, I must admit, boring. So here we are at day 2 of battles.

Avon Nailwear Pro+ in Cosmic Blue
I like these square bottles, seems like the square represents more quality in the varnish. The photo doesn't do the colour any justice but it is a metallic shade and obviously from Avon, as you can see.
Applicator? Well, this ones just normal, your average sized applicator. The only problem is the fact that the varnish is so liquified, that it comes straight of the applicator, so wiping at the nozzle of the bottle is a must.

Application? Personally, this ones not the best with me. You need 3/4 coats on your nails just for it to look un-see through and very glossy. I'm not to keen on glossy finishes on the nails and this is exactly that, a glossy finish. Its very leaky and even the slightest amount too much on the applicator and it drips into the side of your nails, the place where it's impossible to get the varnish off.
Chip resistant? That is one very good point about this. I had it on for 3 days, not even one small chip from the nails, it still looked fresh and glossy.
Removal? Quite impossible as I applied 4 coats for the polish to look opaque, and with the colour being dark, it's more pigmented and hard to get off anyways. It took a lot of nail polish remover and a lot of cotton pads. 1= easy, 4 coats=impossible.
I'm not too sure what my final impression is on this varnish. I really like the colour and how subtle the metallic is in the shade. I don't really know, I suppose this varnish is to dress up an outfit, it's seems a bit like an accessory, like wearing bracelets or necklaces, which really changes an outfit. Suppose you have your LBD, wearing this metallic shade will change the look, and might ultimately decide what accessories you actually wear. This shade could make you look cheap and unclassy, or can decide your outfit, make you look more formal and elegant. I'm in two minds, I'm not too sure of the finish and how the polish looks, although I really do like the colour.

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