Monday, 29 October 2012

Small details for Halloween: Reviewing different designs

Okay, so I said I'll show you some of my funky nail designs. This is with a bit of a twist though, the nails aren't mine! (Sorry)

#1 5 different designs (on white background)
These designs are if you are slightly older and have more time on your hands. I like these as they aren't over the top with glitz and only use minimal amount of shine to make them special. They aren't childish and look good if you have short nails if you are painting false ones and applying them to your nails. Rating 4/10 (on looks)

#2 Orange & black spider web nails
I am in love with these nails as they are simple but detailed if that makes sense. Orange is my favourite colour and the black tips make the nails look longer. Maybe you could change these up by making the tips smaller and the web detailing thicker. Rating on looks: 6.5/10

#3 5 different designs on nails
These are so childish and look fun to do. I'm sure they wouldn't be impossible and wouldn't take too long to do. There are loads of colours and there's not really a colour scheme to this design. Maybe these would suit longer nails on younger children for trick-or-treating. The small details always count. Rating on looks: 7/10

#4 Nude & blood nails
I like the nude on this nail art. The light tone really brings out how realistic the 'blood' looks on these. Maybe you could swap the red and nude around., making the polish look like it is seeping from the cuticle/finger. Personally I wouldn't paint these but I'm guessing they would probably take around 29 minutes to finish completely. Rating on looks: 3.5/10

#5 Black & glitter nails
I looove these nails. I love the fact that the black is a matte finish. I love the way the glitter is used on each nails, just slightly differently every time. I would totally try this out on my nails for Halloween especially since my nails are growing now and I'm going to attempt to dress up (maybe). Rating on looks: 100000/10 I'm in love!

Tomorrow I will either paint my nails and try to be different so a range of people will like my designs, or put together a page of accessories focusing on the smaller details of Halloween based on what I would like:)
See you all tomorrow lovelies x

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