Sunday, 28 April 2013

Social things you may need to know..

As most people have, I have many forms of social media that you may want to connect with me on. Many of these apart from the norm (Twitter, Facebook) is new to me so you guys may want to help me out.

It's very exciting creating all these accounts, although I may not know how to use them. So here's a list of what I'm on and what you need to follow/tweet/subscribe to me! Thanks for listening to me ramble on x

Twitter: @charleyyyk
YouTube: (I think)
Pinterest: Charley Knights
Tumblr: charleygoesrawrrr
Wish: Charley Knights
Instagram: charleyknights

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Mini Manicure: DIY

I don't really do posts about my nails but here's one for you!

Okay, so my nails were due a little M.O.T as they were looking pretty dull and lifeless. I fancied doing a blog post about this as I wasn't doing anything interesting and this takes up a bit of time.

Step 1: I soaked my hands in lukewarm water for about 5-7 mins and patted my hands dry.
Step 2: I applied hand cream and rubbed in, focusing more on my fingers and not necessarily the palms.
Step 3: Simple. I filed my nails to the shape and length I wanted, which is pretty short as my nails don't grow much and rounded as they looked nicer.
Step 4: I then applied a base coat then my chosen colour which is shown in the images and waited for my polish until it was damp (I find applying top coat to dampened nails works much better)
Step 5: I applied the top coat and my mini-stay-at-home manicure was finished!

Hope you enjoy this post x

Friday, 5 April 2013

Wish List #1

Recently I've been lacking inspiration for a blog post, and obviously you noticed as I've posted two OOTD's in a row.

Again this is another idea I've stole from many blogs I've been browsing through lately, looking for a spark of inspiration, and my new idea is... *Duh duh duh* a wish list, as you've probably seen by the title.

Sooo guys you've probably seen this on other blogs so here goes!

Picture 1: IPhone Case
Topshop Acid Wash Jeans
Burgundy Authentic Vans
Flower Print Sunglasses

Picture 2: A (nice pricey) MacBook Pro!
Camouflage Studded Jacket
Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted
Topshop Blue Knee High Socks

Here's my first and hopefully not last wish list, hope you guys enjoy!

Monday, 1 April 2013

OOTD: First time wearing pink! 1st April 2013

So today I didn't do anything. Great start to a blog post right?! I stepped out the back garden so that's why I have shoes in this post, okay:)

This outfit is kinda' a chill out one, kept it plain and simple, no accessories and kept comfortable because its not as if I'm doing anything.

Jumper: New Look (Unknown Price)
Vest Top: Primark £2.50
Jeggings/Jeans: Primark £9
Shoes: Primark £8