Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Primarni: New shoes

Tuesday it was! Tuesday I bought these amazing peach coloured babies.

I don't have much to say at all apart from they are super comfy but I advise you to wear socks all the time to stop them rubbing and giving you blisters. If you can't see the heel, the toe cap and the lace section are a shiny material in the peach colour and the rest is a peachy colour but its a strange, soft material, almost like suede but even smoother if you get me. There like ankle plimsolls if you get me. They were only £8 and an absolute bargain! Hoping they last ages 'cause I'm in love with these shoes that 90% of people don't like. Oh, and the laces are ribbon so I suggest you buying a new pair of laces just as a back up.

Second are the simplest pair of black suede ankle boots with a small heel, nothing I'm in complete love with but there totally cute, and for winter school shoes, there the nicest pair of boots I've had. I'm not sure of the price and there big fitting, so I advise a size smaller.

So there we go, a high recommendation to buy ankle boots from Primark cause the majority are amazing. Sorry the photos of the black boots are slightly shitty, I was in a rush before the cinemas:)
Enjoy cuties x

Should be Skyrise, not Skyfall: Skyfall Review

So as you have probably read in my previous post, I went to see Skyfall last night, which is a James Bond film for a few dummies who haven't seen the advert. I'll give you an opinion which is in brainy words a review on my blog of what I think of the film.

Throughout the film, I only checked the time once and that's because I received a text, because it was that action packed. The attraction is that constant 'what's going on, what's going on?' But not the sort where you miss a scene and you can't catch up.

In my opinion, Daniel Craig is my favourite Bond and his character role should carry on throughout the infinite films to come but we all know that he will finish off in the next Skyfall movie. I think Bond will always have to be British, and I'll never watch it if the role is given to an American. Judi Dench is iconic to the Bond films, (sorry to spoilt it, don't read ahead if you don't want to know what happened) and the way she dies is so peaceful, right at the end, in 007's arms in a chapel. Her role in the Bond films is so wonderful and the way she goes out isn't her style but completely fine because she's just great.

The stunts look completely realistic and Daniel Craig is made to look like a ninja the way he defeats does by fighting them off. I love the special effects; the explosions, the shooting and the fighting.

10/10 for this, I am waiting for the next already!
Photos: 2 are of my poxy piece of paper they call a ticket and a empty coke on top of the toilet roll holder

Enjoy pretty ones x

What a Halloween I've had!

My Halloween's been both good and a bit of bad, both non-Halloween related and probably the opposite end of the scales. If this doesn't make sense, I wouldn't worry because I'm posting this as its written and it's like 25 past 10 at night.

Shall I tell you the good or the bad first? Take a guess.

Well as you again (for the millionth tim) probably don't know, my mam and dad have been split since I was born and I spend Wednesday and Saturdays at my dads or cousins with my dad, so today I was in town with him and my two cousins. Get to the end, I went to see the new James Bond film Skyfall with my mam's boyfriend and after this i'll put a review on but the film was freakin' amazing! Great film and a great actor.

After I got out the pictures I got a text saying Liverpool are losing to Swansea 1-0. I then got home after showing my face at a family Halloween party, getting another text saying the full time score was 3-1 to Swansea. Altogether my day was equalled out and pretty average.

Nows the time to admit, now I'm 15 and not 5, I don't enjoy Halloween, I don't enjoy giving my sweets out to other kids and I don't enjoy the theme in all honesty. I know I sound miserable but answering the door to 5/6 year olds singing pooey rhymes to get sweets off me. They don't get any of my sweets cause I'm not in and I live on the corner so alls a bonus, and if I do get the annoying little shitheads at my door, I ignore them and close my blinds to show I'm an ignorant twat:)

Anyways I'm tired, your probably tired so ill let you browse at the pictures I took... Oops maybe there is none.

Hah cya later lovelies x

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Imperfect: Glitter nails

Well, I tried. But I didn't have any nail art pens so I just did nails with the colours Halloween themed.

I firstly painted them with Barry M Grey(293), applying a base coat underneath for obvious reasons, making sure they were covered with two coats in case they looked tacky and thin. Even though I used a glitter polish (Barry M Glitter Red, 150), I still applied it while it was drying so I got a thorough glitter coat on my nails. As you can see I've tried different patterns on a few nails, which I failed at:( after the glitter and the grey polish had completely dry, I then applied a top coat to keep the varnish chip-free for a few days.

Tomorrow will probably be an un-Halloweeny outfit post as I'm going to see Skyfall with my Mam's boyfriend at Cineworld.

More towards Christmas, there will more than likely be a week or two of festive posts which will be pretty cool!

Have fun tomorrow lovelies x

Monday, 29 October 2012

A Bloggers Week in Pictures

2nd Family meal in Majorca, carved pumpkin, Me and Lisa in Majorca, glass-bottomed boat in Majorca, 2nd family photo in Majorca #2, Me and Jess: non-uniform day, sunrise in Majorca, contemplated nail designs and me, Jess and Cameron

Hope you enjoy x

Small details for Halloween: Reviewing different designs

Okay, so I said I'll show you some of my funky nail designs. This is with a bit of a twist though, the nails aren't mine! (Sorry)

#1 5 different designs (on white background)
These designs are if you are slightly older and have more time on your hands. I like these as they aren't over the top with glitz and only use minimal amount of shine to make them special. They aren't childish and look good if you have short nails if you are painting false ones and applying them to your nails. Rating 4/10 (on looks)

#2 Orange & black spider web nails
I am in love with these nails as they are simple but detailed if that makes sense. Orange is my favourite colour and the black tips make the nails look longer. Maybe you could change these up by making the tips smaller and the web detailing thicker. Rating on looks: 6.5/10

#3 5 different designs on nails
These are so childish and look fun to do. I'm sure they wouldn't be impossible and wouldn't take too long to do. There are loads of colours and there's not really a colour scheme to this design. Maybe these would suit longer nails on younger children for trick-or-treating. The small details always count. Rating on looks: 7/10

#4 Nude & blood nails
I like the nude on this nail art. The light tone really brings out how realistic the 'blood' looks on these. Maybe you could swap the red and nude around., making the polish look like it is seeping from the cuticle/finger. Personally I wouldn't paint these but I'm guessing they would probably take around 29 minutes to finish completely. Rating on looks: 3.5/10

#5 Black & glitter nails
I looove these nails. I love the fact that the black is a matte finish. I love the way the glitter is used on each nails, just slightly differently every time. I would totally try this out on my nails for Halloween especially since my nails are growing now and I'm going to attempt to dress up (maybe). Rating on looks: 100000/10 I'm in love!

Tomorrow I will either paint my nails and try to be different so a range of people will like my designs, or put together a page of accessories focusing on the smaller details of Halloween based on what I would like:)
See you all tomorrow lovelies x

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Getting in the spooky spirit!

As you all will know, in England and some other parts of the world celebrate Halloween on the 31st October. You probably see it everywhere; on the TV, in newspapers and on the radio. There will be ghost hunting and themed walks in woods.

My family get together, about all 35 of them, yes about that amount in one house. We dress the house up, covering doors in spooky webs, turn the lights off, decorate cakes in orange and black, put decorative banners up and scare the trick-or-treaters at the front door. These are some of the pumpkins that have been carved in preparation.

Check my blog every day leading up to Halloween for different styles of nails to glam up with on Wednesday.

Hope you've enjoyed my past few posts lovelies x

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Photobomb: Holidays

Just a selection of sober and drunken photos from holidays in Majorca. We went for a week self catering and all 12 of us wanted to stay!

Still glad to be home and have English food and a cup of tea though, time to sleep in about 4 hours in time for school tomorrow.

Hope you lovelies enjoy and see you soon x

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Off on my holidays!

I won't be blogging for a week but bombarding you with photos in 8 days time! Going to Majorca with the mother and her boyfriend and his family, so in theory this could be impressive.

Hope you enjoy the rainy weather in Britain, I would of brought you all in my suitcase if I could:)
Cya in a week lovelies x

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Just me that found this funny? You can tell I'm a Liverpool supporter

Monday, 15 October 2012


Sorry again, but I haven't had anything to post about. I was going to create a Christmas list post but discovered neither my phone or my laptop had editing software so I couldn't put the images together. Well, maybe I could of but it would of looked like virtual dog poo.

So for now, I'll post a picture of me... Looking like an Eskimo in my winter coat I've had forever:)
Hope you lovely people enjoy x