Monday, 21 January 2013

Special K Cracker Crisps! REVIEW

Hey guys! And welcome to another snow filled day, boo:( Normally, I will post something to do with clothes/beauty but today I ran out of inspiration, so I'm going to review food, my second most favourite thing in the world.

So today I'm reviewing the new 'Cracker Crisp' range from Special K. To me, they are a crisp sent from heaven, they are so tasty! As I'm aware, there's 3 flavours and I aren't to keen on the green box, the red box being an outright front runner.

The red box is Sweet Chilli, the blue box is Salt and Vinegar and green box is Sour Cream and Onion. I am least keen on the Sour Cream and Onion as they are repetitive and fairly bland. I love the Sweet Chilli as they have a kick and are slightly spicy, which I like. The Salt and Vinegar have a kick too and are very strong, and the flavour is just altogether very yummy.

The crisp itself is round, and the texture is much like a cracker, but tastes nothing like the bland crackery taste. The contrast is daring and the crisp is just amazingly beautiful.

The images are just to show you what the crisp and packaging looks like. And for you weight watchers, 21 crisps is only 94 calories, woo!

Have you tried these crisps? What flavour is your favourite?

Sunday, 20 January 2013

It's cold outside! OOTD

Like most of the country, Middlesbrough is covered in upto 10cm of snow. I had to add a coat, scarf and gloves to this outfit and my nanas is only 3 minutes away.

I mixed and matched with old and new today and also had a top underneath my checked shirt for that extra warmth. I'm posting this from my phone as I can't be bothered turning my laptop on and importing images to a file etc. So all the photos will be boring, unedited and all together, sorry! I've also added some photos of the snow just so you can see what the weather is like:)

What do you add to an outfit to keep yourself warm? How deep is the snow where you are?

Much love xo

Friday, 11 January 2013


I have had literally no inspiration for this weeks blog post. Until I realised how hard and stressful exams in the last year of school are. So sorry for no photos today, I feel like I'm totally boring everyone of you that read this blog.

These are the times in life where you don't think anything matters, that your going to go far even if you have no grades because your okay, cool. But really these are like the times in life that depend what path you take in life, the grades showing whether your a complete genius or a tragic failure. People just seem to assume that exams are easy, then there stumped when they open to the first page of the paper and discover its not like the bus ride you take to school.

As I am in the highest class in the school, every exam paper for the people in our class is of a higher standard and the teachers expect much more from the clever groups. Being put in for a higher paper means much more revision, but I find you can exactly revise for the language you speak, and you can really revise for maths as it is just numbers, and there is not much you can do about it.

I find exercise as a way out, something that relaxes you and makes the mounting pressure climb back down that mountain. If your also wanting to lose a bit of fat, or just tone up, it relieves them burning eyes in the back of your head. I used to get comments from teachers saying 'calm down' as I always look stressed when  taking an exam back in the beginnings of Year 10, end of Year 9, but now, exams don't bother me, it is the fear of failing, as it is the last few months of school and I desperately want to get that B grade in Science.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Friday, 4 January 2013

First complete post of 2013! New Years Resolutions

(Christmas was an edited and re-published FYI)

Okay guys! This is my first official blog post of 2013 and I'm glad to be back after the hefty festive period/time. Hope you all had a super-duper cool Christmas and New Year and enjoyed it as much as possible:) This is also the first Christmas I have returned from as a blogger (yey!) and I am really enjoying blogging for everyone to see/read.

New Years Resolutions are those promises most of the population never keep, including me. This year I have come up with a creative, thoughtful list to share with you all, full of stuff that I would like to do, goals I would like to accomplish and promises I hope to truly keep. I'm not promising anything and there will be an update sometime throughout the year to see which have been trashed, ones that I have stuck by and ones I wish I could have kept.

#1 To be a more positive person as a whole, e.g. to others, about myself (cringy, I know)
#2 Help others out if and when I can
#3 To eat more healthy, and have a healthy, nutritious lifestyle
#4 Care a bit less what other people think of me
#5 Focus on finishing school knowing that I have worked hard and done my absolute best

Link me to your page if you have done a list of resolutions for yourself or tell me what you would like to achieve in the 2013 yourself, have fun and make sure you have a good year!

2013: Renovating my bedroom

And so here we are, reviewing one of my resolutions; to be a cleaner and more hygienic person. And it's gonna take a while getting used to writing 2013 in my school books.

Talks about re-decorating my bedroom have been going on since June last year, but we never actually got round to it as there was so much on. Re-doing my bedroom came around, when my mother heard my poor single bed was on it's last legs. My bedroom has been decorated red and cream since I was around 10/11 when I was convinced I was a boy. Apart from the One Direction posters, merchandise and a lonely pink box, you would still think there was boy inhabiting my personal space.

The paper will be going on my main wall (hard to choose as my bedroom is pretty small), which I chose as the wall with my window on. The paper I picked first and that I am most fixed on is a duck egg blue colour with tropical patterns on. I really like the colours used and the way the flowers are displayed, but I'm struggling to pick colour to go on my other 3 walls, boo:(

I also like this extremely detailed, patterned paper. I have tried to pick wall paper that doesn't have a repetitive pattern and with this, every detail is different. Although I really like this, I'm not sure it's just for one wall and whether it will suit a habitat like a bedroom.

This paper was my back-up plan, I had picked around 7 papers and whittled it down to my three favourites. The only thing I am not sure on with this paper is the square, straight silver patterns. I'm not to sure of this paper as the pattern is repetitive, and the flowery pattern is black, meh:/

All over the festive period, all I heard and expected was the words 'Christmas', 'presents' and 'alcohol', so talking about getting my bedroom completely gutted was something fresh and new to talk about. Because of the way mine and my sisters room was split, hers has to be decorated first and then swip-swap when mine gets decorated (yey!). The amount of time, contacting and thought-power from both me and my mother was spent in B&Q. The exciting part is acting like a ten year old, picking all the colour books and shade cards from the paint section. I bet the workers get sick of restocking the shade card wall:)

If you guys could advise me on which paper to choose, which colour/s to put on the other wall etc, then that would be really helpful. I am possibly also getting a new bed, I'm thinking new curtains, a few vintage pieces, homemade DIY cushions and a bit more simple styles of storage as I have so much junk and not enough space to put it all.

Are you guys thinking of re-deorating and rooms in your house? Could you help me with colour scheme suggestions?


Here's a selection of photos from my Christmas!