Friday, 4 January 2013

First complete post of 2013! New Years Resolutions

(Christmas was an edited and re-published FYI)

Okay guys! This is my first official blog post of 2013 and I'm glad to be back after the hefty festive period/time. Hope you all had a super-duper cool Christmas and New Year and enjoyed it as much as possible:) This is also the first Christmas I have returned from as a blogger (yey!) and I am really enjoying blogging for everyone to see/read.

New Years Resolutions are those promises most of the population never keep, including me. This year I have come up with a creative, thoughtful list to share with you all, full of stuff that I would like to do, goals I would like to accomplish and promises I hope to truly keep. I'm not promising anything and there will be an update sometime throughout the year to see which have been trashed, ones that I have stuck by and ones I wish I could have kept.

#1 To be a more positive person as a whole, e.g. to others, about myself (cringy, I know)
#2 Help others out if and when I can
#3 To eat more healthy, and have a healthy, nutritious lifestyle
#4 Care a bit less what other people think of me
#5 Focus on finishing school knowing that I have worked hard and done my absolute best

Link me to your page if you have done a list of resolutions for yourself or tell me what you would like to achieve in the 2013 yourself, have fun and make sure you have a good year!

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