Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sluuuts and Shlaaaaags

Well, as I told you, I'll be posting twice today, and this is my second and last post today. By the time you have finished, you will know every smal pernickity of my exciting (see the sarcasm) day.

I woke up about 10.35, and went downstairs and got bourbons and milk chocolate digestives, and on my way upstairs decided I fancied a cup of tea. So I went downstairs and searched for my winnie the pooh cup which I eventually found (wasn't really that hard to find, it was only on the drainer). So, I boiled the kettle, got the milk and put a teabag in my cup then ran in the room like a child, because the kettle makes little ubt wierd noises and sounds like it's going to blow up. Was sat in the living room on the spinny chair, spinning myself round and entertaining myself whilst stopping every 2 seconds to see what boring Sunday tele was on. The kettle pinged and I made my cup of tea attempting badly to sing Payphone, neighbours probably thought we bought a screechy parrot or cat or something, I was that bad and loud.

So by the time 'May the Best House Win' has finished my cup was empty too. decided it was about time that I dyed my hair, so my hideous black roots weren't visible to me. Took two towels out the airing cupboard (coincidence that they are the ones I use to dye my hair normally), and layed one on the floor in my bedroom and put on on the towel heater thing in the bathroom. I also took the shower head down from the shower holder. I changed into my old pyjamas and adjusted my mirror lower so I could see myself. Not as though the thing staring back at me looks remotely like what steps out the door on a Monday morning before school. Not bad considering I had no make-up on though. I put all my bags and stuff in this little space of carpet I have inbetween my bed, wardrobe and bookcase. When I looked in my bag and didn't find the hair dye I was looking for, I was banging on my bed thinking my punches were as hard as the Hulk's, somehow though, I don't think they were because my bed didn't brake:$

Then I decided it was time for a shower instead and made a new playlist on my phone called 'Walrusss', why it was named after a sea creature, I do not know. Anyways, took my phone into the bathroom and went into my bedroom to put my towel away and then wondered where my phone went. Go into the bathroom and discover my phone, and this is my face then :D, pure delight because I'd had one of them mini heart attacks when I discovered my phone wasn't in my hand. You don't want to know what I did in the shower because if I tell you, thats well creepy.

And after the shower, I got changed into an old paiir of jeans since I wasn't going out and one of my many long sleeved tops, and this one was red. Mosturised my feet with mams moisturiser and squirted some deoderant and spray of hers, so I don't waste mine. Then for about 5 minutes, I stood on the bed nosying around, looking out the window for about ten minutes, then I went into the bathroom to dry my hair and this is the conversation I heard from the carpark/garage thing. 'Not what I heard you slut, you bucked so-and-so and breadbun in the same night' 'And you f***ing stupid lying b***ard', which is less of a conversation but more of a slut/manwhore 'who shagged more in a night?' competition. I'm not sure, maybe they didn't even mean what they said, I didn't even know who it is, so I'm just repeating what I heard, I shouldn't really judge, but oh well, could be much, much worse. So for the next few hours I did nothing apart from borrow my sisters charger to charge my phone because I'd left mine at my dads.

Finally, I can talk in present tense. Now I'm sat her typing you my first update on my life for the first time in the next seven days, but watching the England match at the same time, majority of it watching the England match though and that is the reason why it's probably took half of my laptops battery to type all this stuff up. Fingers crossed though for an England win! And sorry if I've made any typing errors/mistakes. My highlight of this match has definetly been '..and that's Ashley Carroll, Andy, sorry, who's Ashley Carroll?' Looking like extra time but hopefully not penaltie's, I might be dead with nervousness by then:/