Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Primarni: New shoes

Tuesday it was! Tuesday I bought these amazing peach coloured babies.

I don't have much to say at all apart from they are super comfy but I advise you to wear socks all the time to stop them rubbing and giving you blisters. If you can't see the heel, the toe cap and the lace section are a shiny material in the peach colour and the rest is a peachy colour but its a strange, soft material, almost like suede but even smoother if you get me. There like ankle plimsolls if you get me. They were only £8 and an absolute bargain! Hoping they last ages 'cause I'm in love with these shoes that 90% of people don't like. Oh, and the laces are ribbon so I suggest you buying a new pair of laces just as a back up.

Second are the simplest pair of black suede ankle boots with a small heel, nothing I'm in complete love with but there totally cute, and for winter school shoes, there the nicest pair of boots I've had. I'm not sure of the price and there big fitting, so I advise a size smaller.

So there we go, a high recommendation to buy ankle boots from Primark cause the majority are amazing. Sorry the photos of the black boots are slightly shitty, I was in a rush before the cinemas:)
Enjoy cuties x

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