Saturday, 9 March 2013

25 Facts about Me

Well I suppose this is for YouTube usually but I thought it sounded fun. So basically I'm going to tell you 25 facts about me; some you may or may not know and some random shit if I don't run out of ideas.
So here goes nothing!


1. My first name on my birth certificate is Charley Georgia, but people just call me Charley because I don't like my name
2. My mam and dad have been split since I was born, but I still see my dad two/three days a week
3. My favourite colour is Orange
4. I prefer Twitter and Instagram to Facebook
5. I was born and still live in Middlesbrough
6. I'm in my last year at school
7. I'm going to Middlesbrough College in September to study Level 3 in Sport Development, Coaching and Fitness
8. I have an obsession with One Direction
9. I love football
10. Horror movies are my favourite genre
11. I have one double jointed thumb and double jointed knees
12. I still sleep with a childhood teddy
13. My dream career would be a footballer
14. I have two sisters and three half brothers; Kirsty, Sophie, Nathan, Josh and Zack
15. I am very close to two of my cousins and there both boys (Billy and Jack)
16. My friendship group is pretty close as there's only four of us
17. I loved primary and wish I could go back to see all the changes
18. I cry at most things even if there not that sad, for example I cried at someone else crying on the TV
19. I can't wait to leave school but I don't want to grow old
20. I'm probably the fussiest eater you'll know, the list is endless (I don't literally make a list but if I did it would be well longer than this blog post
21. I'm left handed, left footed but use scissors with my right hand
22. I support Liverpool FC and have done since I knew what football was
23. I play netball for the school team
24. My birthday is the 21st March and I'm 16 in 10 days (Yay!)
25. I've just written and posted this at 12:30am exactly.

Hope you enjoyed this and it wasn't too long and boring. What's interesting about you? Can you think of 25 facts about yourself?

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