Monday, 11 March 2013

Another Broken Finger!

I didn't blog about it the first time but this time I thought it would be a topic, instead of not making a blog post about anything for ages.

I have broke(well chipped the bone) off a second finger, both broke by playing the same sport- NETBALL (GRRR!)

The first time wasn't too bad, because I broke my ring finger on my right hand, which isn't used for much as I'm left handed but as you guessed, this time I've broke the second finger in on my left hand.

It's such a pain as its strapped to my first finger and as it happens there the two that curl around your pen when you write, which means I can't write, I'm such an accident prone person in general although I've only ever broke my fingers, no other bones.. Yet!

I've took two pictures, one I sent to my mother as she was at work when I came home to show her it was broke, and the other is basically how the hospital straps every broken finger, just though a picture would be... Well.. Filling the post a bit.

Hope you guys feel my pain hahah:) have you ever broken any bones? Have you ever had any close shaves( sprained ankle, cuts as bruises)?

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