Sunday, 17 August 2014

Helpless Healthiness

So I haven't posted for like months, maybe a year now right?
I just cant get to making a habit of blogging, although other cool blogs made me think blogging has potential, it could be pretty awesome.

For the last four weeks, I've been changing every bad lifestyle habit I may have. I want my lifestyle to be healthy, I want to be that girl that eats clean, trains dirty and is genuinely fit (as in physically and mentally fit, not necessarily looking great). I want that as a lifestyle. So on here, are some of my recent Instagram posts that could maybe inspire others. I love the journey I've had so far and how far I have come in only 4 to 5 weeks, I love how others inspire me and I hope people will eventually feel like I inspire them.

As you will soon see, I love creating unique, individual dishes, combos of protein filled meat, veggies and of course, my beloved poached eggs. I do also make fruit-packed smoothies and unique smoothie shakes (protein with a variety of fruit) which I love doing.

People all over the world on all different types of social media influence my new change of lifestyle. I don't treat this as a diet, I treat this as, like I said, a lifestyle change, a turnaround upon my daily life. Single pictures with recipes captioned below, or other foodie blogs with tips to stop snacking. It's astonishes me how simple of a concept social media is, and how it can influence to change your life, to start eating cleanly, to exercise regularly. It changes your view of social media and more importantly, changes the view of yourself, how you look at yourself in the mirror. You start to look at yourself as a work in progress, not a fat lump, that couch potato that didn't exercise at all, you start picking out individual areas of  your body that you could work on, places where you could build muscle and tone yourself up.

You can be any size, but don't change your lifestyle to be 'skinny', change your life to be fit. Fit is the right balance of clean eating, treating yourself occasionally in proportion, and exercising regularly. I'm not telling you that you have to do all these things in order all at once, I'm not ordering anyone to do anything, but it is your choice, you can do this, you can change your life, one step at a time.

I know it has changed my life and I know that if you read this, maybe it will change yours too. I hope that I have inspired people, it would please me if just one single person changed their lifestyle after reading this blog post and seeing the sort of food you can create, there is not limit.

Strive for progression, not perfection.