Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Should be Skyrise, not Skyfall: Skyfall Review

So as you have probably read in my previous post, I went to see Skyfall last night, which is a James Bond film for a few dummies who haven't seen the advert. I'll give you an opinion which is in brainy words a review on my blog of what I think of the film.

Throughout the film, I only checked the time once and that's because I received a text, because it was that action packed. The attraction is that constant 'what's going on, what's going on?' But not the sort where you miss a scene and you can't catch up.

In my opinion, Daniel Craig is my favourite Bond and his character role should carry on throughout the infinite films to come but we all know that he will finish off in the next Skyfall movie. I think Bond will always have to be British, and I'll never watch it if the role is given to an American. Judi Dench is iconic to the Bond films, (sorry to spoilt it, don't read ahead if you don't want to know what happened) and the way she dies is so peaceful, right at the end, in 007's arms in a chapel. Her role in the Bond films is so wonderful and the way she goes out isn't her style but completely fine because she's just great.

The stunts look completely realistic and Daniel Craig is made to look like a ninja the way he defeats does by fighting them off. I love the special effects; the explosions, the shooting and the fighting.

10/10 for this, I am waiting for the next already!
Photos: 2 are of my poxy piece of paper they call a ticket and a empty coke on top of the toilet roll holder

Enjoy pretty ones x

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