Wednesday, 31 October 2012

What a Halloween I've had!

My Halloween's been both good and a bit of bad, both non-Halloween related and probably the opposite end of the scales. If this doesn't make sense, I wouldn't worry because I'm posting this as its written and it's like 25 past 10 at night.

Shall I tell you the good or the bad first? Take a guess.

Well as you again (for the millionth tim) probably don't know, my mam and dad have been split since I was born and I spend Wednesday and Saturdays at my dads or cousins with my dad, so today I was in town with him and my two cousins. Get to the end, I went to see the new James Bond film Skyfall with my mam's boyfriend and after this i'll put a review on but the film was freakin' amazing! Great film and a great actor.

After I got out the pictures I got a text saying Liverpool are losing to Swansea 1-0. I then got home after showing my face at a family Halloween party, getting another text saying the full time score was 3-1 to Swansea. Altogether my day was equalled out and pretty average.

Nows the time to admit, now I'm 15 and not 5, I don't enjoy Halloween, I don't enjoy giving my sweets out to other kids and I don't enjoy the theme in all honesty. I know I sound miserable but answering the door to 5/6 year olds singing pooey rhymes to get sweets off me. They don't get any of my sweets cause I'm not in and I live on the corner so alls a bonus, and if I do get the annoying little shitheads at my door, I ignore them and close my blinds to show I'm an ignorant twat:)

Anyways I'm tired, your probably tired so ill let you browse at the pictures I took... Oops maybe there is none.

Hah cya later lovelies x

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