Friday, 5 April 2013

Wish List #1

Recently I've been lacking inspiration for a blog post, and obviously you noticed as I've posted two OOTD's in a row.

Again this is another idea I've stole from many blogs I've been browsing through lately, looking for a spark of inspiration, and my new idea is... *Duh duh duh* a wish list, as you've probably seen by the title.

Sooo guys you've probably seen this on other blogs so here goes!

Picture 1: IPhone Case
Topshop Acid Wash Jeans
Burgundy Authentic Vans
Flower Print Sunglasses

Picture 2: A (nice pricey) MacBook Pro!
Camouflage Studded Jacket
Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted
Topshop Blue Knee High Socks

Here's my first and hopefully not last wish list, hope you guys enjoy!

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