Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Sorry about the lack of blogging, left you alone:(

Like I said, the title explains it really and I'm gonna try (which I've probably said before) that I'm going to try and get more stuff to you:)

At the moment, it is impossible for me to get photos on my blog. I use my iPod(3rd gen) for blogger and other social platforms, and all my photos are on my shitty Blackberry, which means I have to transfer all my photos onto my laptop, and then put them in a folder so my iPod can sync all the photos onto it's system thingy. And I don't know how this has happened but I have lost my Blackberry USB so I can't transfer any photos and I have some cool photos to show you aswell:s

So for now, I'll do reviews and use Google Images to get my photos onto my blog, so sorry for this mishap but as soon as I find my USB you'll get a ton of photos:)

Thanks for listening to my excuse
Charley x

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