Sunday, 20 May 2012

Erm, hello fellow animals.

Firstly, I don't rawr, I'm not an animal, especially not a lion, cause i dont like lions-_-

Im not new to this blogging crap, I've done it before but I cant get into my old youtube account which was linked to my google account, therefore linked to my blogspot and actually, to discover it was gone was pretty okay, cause I just made a fool of myself to be perfectly honest.

My name is Charley as you guessed, and I still haven't got round to making any videos, simply because I'm saving for a decent video camera or something of the sort. My channel name is similar but different and theres no point linking you to it 'cause I havent made any videos, but I do have twitter, where I tweet a load of crap, but oh well, I'll link you to it when I get round to linking you to my tumblr, which is another blogging contraption I hardly use.

It will take me a lot of getting used to, to start blogging pictures, links and stuff again but its an action I will force myself into using, who knows, maybe I might like it.

I think thats enough of an introduction to you guys, so chow for now, and I will post when I get this thing up and running:'3

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