Thursday, 30 August 2012

Day 2: I don't play baseball

Second day into my clothes diary. I didn't bother getting dressed into something normal, like jeans and a jacket 'cause I am not going anywhere at the moment as I don't have a social life, and I have hardly no wardrobe as I've just returned from my dad's, where I've been for a whole week, which was totally unentertaining.

I'm wearing a green coloured Baseball hoody and Adidas joggers. Yes, I do look like a massive chav but I'm not going anywhere so I'm just sat in my house like this. The first picture is the socks I'm wearing; snowflake ones! And for once I fancied a change so I put my hair in a top knot, mind my un-makeuped face and the glasses.

Hope you lovelies enjoy x

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