Monday, 21 January 2013

Special K Cracker Crisps! REVIEW

Hey guys! And welcome to another snow filled day, boo:( Normally, I will post something to do with clothes/beauty but today I ran out of inspiration, so I'm going to review food, my second most favourite thing in the world.

So today I'm reviewing the new 'Cracker Crisp' range from Special K. To me, they are a crisp sent from heaven, they are so tasty! As I'm aware, there's 3 flavours and I aren't to keen on the green box, the red box being an outright front runner.

The red box is Sweet Chilli, the blue box is Salt and Vinegar and green box is Sour Cream and Onion. I am least keen on the Sour Cream and Onion as they are repetitive and fairly bland. I love the Sweet Chilli as they have a kick and are slightly spicy, which I like. The Salt and Vinegar have a kick too and are very strong, and the flavour is just altogether very yummy.

The crisp itself is round, and the texture is much like a cracker, but tastes nothing like the bland crackery taste. The contrast is daring and the crisp is just amazingly beautiful.

The images are just to show you what the crisp and packaging looks like. And for you weight watchers, 21 crisps is only 94 calories, woo!

Have you tried these crisps? What flavour is your favourite?

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